Chomel Collections


Chomel offers a beautiful selection of contemporary Fashion Accessories and Jewelry. Our collections are available in Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Brooches and Rings. These are well edited to mix and match any outfit. Our wide variety of designs are perfect for everyday wear and for any special occasions. Designs range from contemporary classic to the latest fashion trends. A complimentary collection of Hair Accessories and Evening Bags are also available to provide the total look for the fashionable of today.

Wearing Accessories and Jewelry enhances not only one's outfit but also highlights one's features; Necklace adds attention to the neckline, Earrings highlights the ear and face, Rings focuses on your hand. It also adds a personal statement about yourself.



Cubic Zirconia (often referred to as CZ in short) is a man-made diamond substitute with a similar hardness to the real diamond. It is so well made these day due to advanced technology that it is difficult to tell the difference from a real diamond. The CZ stones are set to a high standard, similar to jewellery and come with rhodium plating. This collection offers an affordable look-alike to real jewellery. A wide variety of designs are available for the CZ collection ranging from classic elegant styles to glamorous statement designs in CZ Necklaces, CZ Earrings, CZ Bracelets, CZ Brooches and CZ Rings. Aside from white colour CZ which resemble diamonds, other colour are available in blue to look sapphire, purple to look like amethyst, green to look like emerald and red to look like ruby.


This unique and elegant collection comes in Rosegold and Gold settings embedded with a variety of stones in crystals, cubic zirconia, simulated gemstones and faux pearls. The exclusive designs for this collection is something different and provides a great talking point. Our Vintage Gold collection offers timeless appeal and sophisticated chic, adding an elegant and stylish accent to any outfit.


Chomel is well known for its exclusive range of quality Freshwater Pearls Jewellery. These cultured Freshwater Pearls, which originate from reputable pearls farm in Southern China are carefully selected by our Buyers for their colour, shape and lustre. Freshwater Pearls are produced naturally by oysters or mussels therefore each pearl will have its unique look. White and pink or peach-coloured pearls are natural colours while other colours are dyed. Chomel offers a range of different size and quality of Freshwater Pearls. Freshwater Pearl shapes vary from semi round to round and rice shape to baroque.

Classic styles like the single row Freshwater Pearl Necklace or a simple Freshwater Pearl Earrings stud are always popular for women of all ages.

Chomel also carried an exclusive, designer collection of Freshwater Pearl Necklaces, Freshwater Pearl Bracelets and Freshwater Pearl Earrings where quality pearls are mixed with fancy cubic zirconia or gemstone beads to create unique designs. This limited collection is available at selected outlets.


This collection comes in trendy, fashionable designs using Faux Pearls with a combination of other material parts. These man-made synthetic Pearls are made to look like pearls, at a lower cost. The latest Pearl fashion accessory styles are available in Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Brooches and Rings. Pearl accessories have become a lasting fashion statement made popular by international designers. Pearls are easy to match with any outfit, be it casual or smart, and adds an air of feminine elegance which appeals to the contemporary women of today.


These are essential for every woman when they go out. Finding the right style and colour bag to match one's outfit is important to have a matching total look. Chomel specialises in clutch bags for day and evening. These come in a variety of colours with different finishes in simple designs to statement bags in full crystals.



Chomel offers a range of Hair accessories to compliment our collections of Fashion Accessories. There is a wide variety of designs in Hair-bands, Hair Butterfly Claws, Hair Clips, Hair Tyers and Hair Combs suitable for everyday wear and for dressed up occasions. These are great accents for a woman's crowning glory.